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Pacific Paradise is an upscale restaurant that offers a carefully designed menu including select dishes from across Southeast Asia as well as a variety of colorful creations featuring exotic flavors found throughout the Pacific Islands. The restaurant provides a comfortable atmosphere, combining the legance of fine dining with the exotic surroundings of a Pacific resort. uests are treated to the sights and sounds of lush, tropical haven.
The menu of unique and popular items is designed to be satisfying and healthful, offering a variety of tantalizing meals, excellent presentation and unique blends of seasonings and flavors using fresh, high-quality ingredients.

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About Our Chef

Pacific Paradise is proud to present Denny Deng, our Crown Chef. He is an award winning master of cuisine with over 20 years specializing in Asian dishes from a variety of countries and culinary regions. After earning the title of Master Chef in 1990, he went on to achieve the status of Master Chef Instructor with a flair for extraordinary, spicy creations.

Chef Deng comes to us from Washington , D.C. where his reputation as an exceptional chef has flourished